Prof. Keto's Iodine Stabilized HeNe Laser

This laser was built according to the design of Howard Layer of NIST, described in:

Howard P. Layer, "A Portable Iodine Stabilized Helium-Neon Laser," IEEE Trans. on Inst. and MeasIM-29, pp358-361, 1980.

The assistance of Dr. Layer in constructing this laser is gratefully acknowledged, as is the donation of the 05-LHB-290 plasma tube by Melles Griot.

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        Top view of laser breadboard.

        Close-up of front of laser structure.

        Close-up of back of laser structure.

        Close-up of high reflectivity mirror assembly.

        Close-up of Iodine cell temperature regulation assembly.

        Connection of high voltage wire to plasma tube.

        Delrin insulator being put in left mounting tube.

        Delrin insulator and high voltage wire in place.

        Final assembly of left mounting tube.

                Control electronics.

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