Azure Hansen: Talks & Posters

Adventures in Physics: Why Science is a WISE Choice
November 2006, MECCA, Livermore, CA

An Optical Vortex-Based Azimuthal Lattice for Rotating a Bose-Einstein Condensate
K. Helmerson et al.
October 2006, OSA-APS-DLS FiO, Rochester, NY (poster)
September 2006, Stony Brook AMO Seminar
August 2006, NIST SURF Talks, Gaithersburg, MD

Creating Circularly-Polarized Light with a Readily-available Birefringent Polymer
J. Noé, H. Metcalf
April 2006, URECA, Stony Brook, NY (poster)

Rotating a Bose-Einstein Condensate with a Laguerre-Gaussian Laser Beam
N. Bigelow et al.
October 2005, OSA-APS-DLS FiO, Tucson, AZ
August 2005, Univeristy of Rochester REU Talks

Creating Light with a Twist
J. Noé, H. Metcalf
October 2004, OSA-APS-DLS FiO, Rochester, NY
August 2004, Stony Brook REU Talks

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