Specialization in Optics for Physics Majors

Department of Physics & Astronomy
Stony Brook University

The department has recently established a "Specialization in Optics" for Physics Majors. Students satisfying the requirements of the specialization will have this achievement recognized by a notation on their official transcript, upon request. The existing Optics Minor offered by the department continues to be available to students not seeking to major in physics.

Courses totaling 12 credits beyond those needed for the Physics Major are required, in three principal categories. All courses must be passed with grade C or better.

A) All four of the following 3 credit, non-laboratory courses: PHY-301 (E&M I), PHY-302 (E&M II), PHY-308 (QM I), and PHY-452 (Lasers).

B) Either PHY-405 (QM II) or an approved course or courses related to optics from outside the department, totalling at least 3 credits. Examples of such courses in the College of Engineering are: ESE-340, (Communication Theory); ESE-357 (Digital Image Processing); ESE-358 (Computer Vision); ESE-362 (Opto-electronic Devices); ESE-363 (Fiber Optic Communications); and ESM-325 (Diffraction Techniques).

C) An optics-related laboratory component. It can consist of either 3 credits (or more) of optics-related research in PHY-487 (Independent Research) or a new, 3-credit, 400-level course that would be an undergraduate version of the present 2-credit, PHY-582 (Optics Rotation).

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